Thursday, December 31, 2009

Miss Carrie, in the kitchen, with an artichoke

Tonight I am watching “Julie and Julia,” which I got for Christmas, and which is one of my favorite movies as you have probably already figured out from my previous two blog posts about it (here and here). The thing is, I am just so much like Julie and Julia. They are both insecure, neurotic, self-centered women and I am too. Take today for example (or possibly this whole week). It is New Years Eve and I have been “bitching” (as some have pointed out…including myself…sorry, please excuse my French…) about not having fun New Years plans. Well, I feel I have been complaining about not wanting to hang out with couples on New Years, but it has been interpreted (and rightly so) as complaining about having no plans at all. Technically, I was invited to four events – all of which involve couples and all of which would have been enjoyable – and while I really don’t want to present myself as the “single girl who hates being single and complains about it semi-constantly,” I kind of am…especially when it comes to New Years Eve plans. Now, I am blogging after just finishing a far too big, but very delicious, dinner and contemplating whether or not I should go join my sister and some of my best friends for the rest of the evening (and trying to get over feeling like a horrible friend and party pooper if I don’t).
This is something else you should know about me: I get really weird on holidays. I get very introverted and anti-social and “glass half empty”-ish. There are days, such as New Years Eve, where all I honestly want to do is sit at home by myself and relax. I like it. It energizes me, which is textbook for introverts. Thus, a big part of me is decidedly happy to be writing this entry alone with my lovely, adorable dog, Lucy laying at my feet, and watching a movie (and then will be switching channels between Anderson Cooper and Ryan Seacrest as they bring me into the New Year). My family (and friends and roommates, and now that I am announcing it on a blog, probably the rest of the “world” – or whoever it is who actually reads this) thinks this is a very strange and annoying thing about me, especially because nights like New Years Eve are meant to be spent with others. Thus, I am like Julie and Julia, because I am self-centered and stubborn and cause great confusion, annoyance, and frustration to those who love me the most.

All things considered, I also thought I would say that in the spirit of watching “Julie and Julia” tonight I made artichokes to enjoy as an appetizer. I love artichokes. I think it is one the most wonderful foods in the whole world. I always used to (and still do) love when my mom made them for dinner and I always assumed they were difficult to make, but I was mistaken. They are super easy and I make them in the MICROWAVE, that’s right, the microwave. Here is the “recipe” (if you should even call it that, haha) thanks to my wonderful mom:

One artichoke per person
Trim the artichoke (cut the stem, slice off the top, and cut off the top of the unsliced leaves).
Rinse thoroughly (to get the dirt and possible bugs out).
Find a dish that can sort of snugly hold the artichokes and add about a half a cup or a cup of water (I just put some in to cover the bottom and less than half an inch of the artichoke base/stem).
Add some drops of lemon juice and a couple shakes of garlic salt to the water.
Cover tightly with saran wrap and cook in the microwave for 14-15 minutes.
I eat mine with mayonnaise or melted butter, but if you are really adventurous I recommend eating it with both for more options, fat, and deliciousness. It is simply heaven in your mouth.
(photos from here and here.)

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Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch After Miss Julie, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.