Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Wow, 2009 is already over. Where did the time go??? My Grandma always told me time goes faster as you get older and she is totally right. 2009 has been very good to me. Full of new friends, a new job, and new understandings about life. I began the year in a deep rut and depression and empty both emotionally and spiritually, but I am ending it full of life and joy and Jesus. This was one of the best years I’ve had in quite a while.
This year I learned a lot about God. I learned about His grace and mercy, two things I tend to overlook. I learned He is alive and well within me. I learned He is the Great Comforter and that He loves me even when I am terrified to go to Heaven. Speaking of Heaven, my trouble with that led me to the counseling office and I am so glad it did. Counseling has been the MOST beneficial and best part of 2009. I have learned coping skills and gained wisdom and self-esteem and humor and a more balanced a healthy view on life, especially mine. My counselor has been a gift from God and I am so thankful for her. This year also brought me closer to my co-workers. I am surrounded by fun and lovely people all day and have developed some very close ties with some them. This year brought me a permanent job in CAPS, for which I am most grateful this year. 2009 also brought me friends. People I see many times a week and have a fun time with. I am still navigating my way through their group and a lot of bonding still needs to occur, but it is a solid start and I have been needing it for quite a while. I do, however, have two very good friends from 2009. Kristy and Nichol have been my rocks this year and I am so blessed by them. I don’t know where I would be this year without their friendships. This year brought health to my family and also added blessings to my extended family in finding the “lost sister.”
Last year I wrote a blog about 2008 and said this about my hope for 2009:
May it be a year of continued good health for me and my loved ones. A year of stability and deep friendships. A year with less transition and change. A year of thinking positively, and less fearfully. And a year of continuing to view the world through God's eyes and to continue to pursue happiness.
And so it was.
I had a stable year with less transition (except in my living situation). I dealt with my fears and was happier. And I learned a lot about myself through the Lord’s eyes.
So, to 2010, may it be year of graduating with my masters, growing deeper in newly formed friendships, gaining the ability to control and limit my fears without extra help, walking closer with the Lord on a more daily basis, taking more adventures, writing more, fostering deeper bonds with my family, and continuing to pursue happiness.
Happy new year to you and yours. God bless.

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