Thursday, November 19, 2009

Texas "New-union"

The family “new-union” was terrific. It went so well. It couldn’t really have gone any better. Having so many family members (19 to be exact) all crowded in one place was so wonderful and fun! My new Aunt Kathy looks so much like my Nana. She just completes the family. It is such a miracle that we found her. It really is. Here’s why… my cousins Natalie and Vanessa were the ones who found out Kathy’s married name and to find that out they had to search by county registry and they decided to search in the county Kathy was born in, because there was hope that people never really leave Cincinnati, OH. Anyway, it worked; Kathy and Kevin got married in that county. But it is a God-thing, because technically, they could have been married in ANY county in the US, in fact, they even moved to Canada for a while, what if they had been married there? We wouldn’t have found her! It is a total God-thing.
Anyway, my new cousins are great. They fit so well and we were all laughing about how glad we were that we are all so “normal,” because none of us knew what to expect. The three of them are funny and sweet and intelligent and beautiful. It was great to make new cousin memories together. It was nice to have new people to talk about feminism and politics and newspapers and Vanity Fair with. I love that we have some common interests. I also got to spend all weekend with my little one-year-old second cousin, Ainsley, who I absolutely adore!!! She is so funny and sweet and a ball of energy. I love her to pieces.

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