Wednesday, November 11, 2009


(old picture ofAunt Sue, Vanessa holding Whitney, Natalie, Mom holding me, and Nana)

Please pray for me. Tomorrow I have to fly to Texas, and although I am very excited to get there, I am super nervous about the flight. If you know me well then you know I really HATE to fly. HATE it. I am so afraid it will plummet to the ground and I will die. I get all panic-y and pray, pray, pray. Thank the Lord for His grace with me because I certainly test His patience with all my prayers on days I fly. It is probably even worse this week because it seems everyday people have mentioned heaven, last words, and having a short time left to live. Doesn’t give a girl with small faith and lots of fear much hope now does it? But I will trust the Lord and step in faith.
So, why I am going to Texas? Because I am meeting my new family! Here’s the full story (or at least the version I know…with so many cousins, aunts, and sisters I’m sure I am missing details and have some wrong)… Sixty years ago my Nana and Papa gave up their first child for adoption. A few years later when life was a bit more stable they had three more daughters (my mom being the middle one of those three). Flash forward many years… seven years ago my Papa and Nana told my mom and aunts that they had a biological sister and my mom and aunts have been trying to find her ever since. My mom and her sisters (and even us cousins) knew we would never feel whole until we found her and we all prayed she wanted to be found. Whenever I looked at a picture of the three sisters I imagined the “lost sister” right there with them.
Then, about two months ago we found her! Her My Aunt Karen went to Ohio (where my new aunt was born) and got her birth certificate. My cousins then searched her name on the internet and came upon her married name, so then we had a real chance to find her. At that point my mom googled her and found her husband’s practice’s website and catholic church bulletins with their names on it and found a personal e-mail address. So, my mom and Aunt Sue drafted an e-mail that my mom sent on a Saturday morning and by Saturday evening my new aunt called! Her name is Kathy and she is married with three daughters (which makes nine girl cousins and four aunts…tons of estrogen!).
Now, tomorrow, my mom, sister, and I are going to meet everyone in Texas for a big family “new-union” (as my mom is calling it). We are really looking forward to it and I can’t wait to write and tell you all about it!
But please pray for the flight…

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Anonymous said...

Carrie, WE LOVE HAVING YOU HERE, thanks for showing me how to write on your blog, I hope to have time in the future to write more! Love, Aunt Sue