Friday, November 27, 2009

Deck the halls

Today is “Deck the Halls” day according to my mom. It has been a pretty good one at that! The “morning” (okay, it was noon when I got up) was a bit bumpy because I was grumpy (shocking, I know), BUT I was only grumpy because my sister had me accompany her to the Carlsbad Outlet Stores at midnight last night for a Coach purse on sale for Black Friday! It was hilarious and crazy, and sort of fun. I was exhausted because I had been out late the night before (I was at Montana’s with friends). Anyway, the mall was packed and it looked like a Christmas shopping weekend, but it was midnight. We had to wait in the Coach line for an hour and a half – and that was just to get in the store! The good thing was my sister bought a purse, so it was a successful outing. We got home by 2:30am.
Nana is visiting from Texas for the weekend and Chris (Ashley’s boyfriend) is over. Chris hung up the Christmas lights with my Dad. My mom bought new lights this year that are snowflakes and all white lights that hang down like icicles. Ash and I helped by holding strands and untangling everything. The only minor injury was Ash getting hit in the head with the staple gun while she moved the ladder, but she is fine now. And Lucy really enjoyed the time because she got to wander in the front yard. LOL.
Many of the neighbors were out this afternoon too. I love when that happens! I love my neighborhood. We have lived here for 24 years and actually know our neighbors. When everyone is outside working on their houses (some were also hanging lights) it is so fun to say hi and hear the neighbors talk to one another. It is so safe and happy making. My street is one of the reasons I love coming home.
Up next for tonight is dinner (sort of a Thanksgiving part two with honey baked ham and Dad’s hash brown elegant). Then we will decorate the tree (Dad put it up this morning) and have “White Christmas” on in the background (that’s the best part). We are all warm and happy and safe. What could be better?


Amy Fields said...

Wow! You're a really nice sister to go along with such a crazy Coach purse competition!!!
I bet your house and all the lights look wonderful, and I can't wait to see it, and your whole family in LESS THAN 4 WEEKS!!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Carrie, I love that Lucy is one of your 10 top thanksgiving things, makes me miss having a dog, now if we could be guaranteed one like Lucy, I'd get two! I have warm feelings about your family too, you all make me feel like Ocenaside is home for me too! Have a good week-end, Love, aunt Sue