Thursday, October 22, 2009

Top Ten: Answered prayers

This week has been full of realizing and remembered answered prayers. God answers prayers and His timing is always perfect – never early, but always on time. Here are my Top Ten answered prayers that I have been thinking about this week:
1. My Dad is safe while traveling (he is in New York tonight and tomorrow leaves for London…then Dubai).
2. My Mom has a relationship with her new sister and it is a huge blessing after praying and looking for her after seven years.
3. Ashley and I are enjoying living together (and getting along).
4. Emily starts her new job on Monday after being unemployed since May.
5. I have a permanent job and my coworkers have been wonderful.
6. Chrissie is having a girl.
7. I have friends – who I see on a weekly basis… I actually sleep way less and am home a lot less, but it is wonderful. Church friends. Nichol. Kristy. All are blessings.
8. Life is better today than it was a year ago… one year ago my life sort of fell apart (mostly my emotional/mental/spiritual health) and I wasn’t sure what my life would look like one year later… it looks better than I could have imagined, which is a total blessing.
9. My counselor.
10. George is still not married.


Rachel said...

Okay, first I thought you meant Em's George and I was shocked...and then I remembered whose blog I was reading lol

Jan said...

LOL on the George thing. Apparently no last names are even needed at this stage in your relationship.