Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friends all over the place

I was supposed to leave for New York City tomorrow. My Dad is going on business and my goal after last October’s trip to NY was to go every year with him (and hopefully with my mom and sister), but he leaves tomorrow and I can’t go. I got a new position at work (which was also a promotion) two weeks ago and really can’t take time off. I think it is a pretty good reason. J The job is going well… it is really overwhelming, but I get to be independent, which I like.
I went home this weekend to see my parents and say good bye to a good friend who leave for the Marines tomorrow. I love going home. It is so beautiful in San Diego. There is this house about five minutes from mine that was for sale about two months ago and my Mom jokingly told me to buy it, and now when either of us drives by it we consider it mine. Haha, we are such dreamers. If I lived there I could see my parents all the time. They could walk Lucy (our dog) to my house. We could go to the grocery store together and the movies together and church. We could still have family dinner after church on Saturday nights. But, I could also have my independence. Do dishes when I feel like it and watch “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” all day. Part of me wishes I lived in that house and in San Diego…home. But, on the other hand, the reason I hardly blog these days is because I finally have a social life here in LA! The Lord has blessed me with friends! The kind who hang out every weekend and throughout the week. It keeps me busy and I love it. They are wonderful and it has been a lot of fun. It’s nice to finally have things come together and be answered prayers after five years of living away from home. I have a long way to go with them, but I am blessed.
Local friends are good, especially when these days my friends are spreading further and further around the globe. My Dad leaves for NY and then London and then Dubai. My good friend, Nikki, is in Afghanistan for three weeks and regularly lives in D.C. My friend, Ian, is leaving for the Marines to go spend six months in Virginia. My good friend, Amy, lives in Chicago. My friend, Alex, just moved to Hawaii. My new family (for explanation read my Mom’s blog) lives in Florida. I am going to my Aunt Sue’s house in November for a “new union” with the FL family, so I’ll be going to Dallas. Everyone is just all over the place. I guess this happens when you grow up, huh?
Speaking of, on Saturday night my family and I got together with family friends to see my Mom’s good friend, Marti, who flew in from Spokane. My Mom, Nancy, and Marti have all been friends for 30 years. It is so much fun to hear their stories. They just laugh and laugh about old times. I love it. There is this picture I like to look at of this whole crew at a cabin in Big Bear where they all used to go before they had kids (and a few time with us kids). I wish I could have known all of them then…been their friend. It would have been fascinating to see what they were all like when they were my age. I wonder if I will have a group of friends to go away with someday… I wonder if I already do (I've wondered this before).
I read a dedication in a book today that said, “…and to those of us who were together when we were young.” I think it fits this post beautifully.


Amy Fields said...

So fitting that you would write this- I've just been craving a visit from you these days! When I step into the cold Fall air and think about how much I hate it, I also think about how much you would love it! Come have a nice Fall day with me, please! :)

Tobin said...

unrelated to this post, I wanted to share a link with you. I just came across this blog/project by these 2 ladies, and for some reason you keep coming to mind. Read the 'About' section to get the idea of what they've been doing, but for some reason I just thought you would enjoy it :)

Carrie said...

Thanks for the blog recommendation! I have heard about it before, but never really read it before. I like it.

Lead said...

your friend in hawaii is moving coming to LA very soon. (for good)

Lead said...

that was supposed to say "moving/coming."

Carrie said...

I am SUPER glad you are moving back! Reading your comment made my day.