Sunday, September 27, 2009

I (heart) Nora Ephron

I went and saw “Julie & Julia” for the second time this afternoon. I loved it even more this time. Nora Ephron is a genius. Her movies are some of my favorites and this one is no exception, which I decided after seeing it for the second time. Nora understands women and writing in a way that few do. She gets that women need more in their lives than just work. They need purpose and fulfillment, and they know it is not just found in relationships, even though they want those too.
They believe in the written word. Annie, from “Sleepless in Seattle,” wrote for the newspaper and wrote a “love letter” to Sam. Kathleen, in “You’ve Got Mail,” wrote to Joe by e-mail before ever meeting him. In “Julie & Julia,” Julie wrote a blog. She wrote to “the void,” which is the same term Kathleen uses about cyber space in “You’ve Got Mail.” I write to the “void” through this blog every week. It is comforting and challenging and nerve-racking and wonderful all at the same time. It gives me something to look forward to and a way to connect and be creative. Nora Ephron understands this.
The other thing she understands is that women want to be loved. Julie and Julia are both married to wonderful men in “Julie & Julia.” Julia reminds her husband how sweet he is and how wonderful. Julie calls her husband, Eric, a “saint” (which he hates…this is the glaring difference between men and women). She says she married “a really nice guy.” That is what I need. A man so sweet he can only be called “a really nice guy.” Nora Ephron gets this too. The women in “Julie & Julia” are self-centered and neurotic and insecure and needy – all things that I can be…often. They are emotionally high maintenance, and yet, not unlovable. They are themselves, and the men who love them get this, even when it sucks. Nora Ephron gets women, even though her movies do not depict reality – or rather, men.
Also, Nora Ephron understands the love of food. This is why I love “Julie & Julia.” It is all about writing, relationships, and food. Nora Ephron understands food. Watching “Julie & Julia” reminded me of the joy food can bring to a group of people. The way people bond over sharing a meal. The hospitality and intimacy it brings. It reminded me of a blog post I read recently about the love of food and how life is too short and appearance is too shallow not to enjoy eating. She wrote her post after she saw the movie too.
So again, Nora Ephron brings women together, because she understands them. This is why I (heart) Nora Ephron.

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