Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ah, weddings

As I often do, I am going to write about love. Blame it partly on the wedding I went to yesterday. Love has been on my mind this week...well, crushes have been on my mind, which are not necessarily love, but it's part of it, maybe the most important part, as it is the beginning.

So, here are some great posts having to do with love:

My dear friend Amy celebrated her one year wedding anniversary this week. I am so happy for her, because she is so happy! It is beautiful to see.

Here is a unexpectedly sweet quote about love.

And here is a letter a father wrote to his daughter on her wedding day. It is a cool idea.

I randomly found many fun quotes about love from Miley Cyrus' tweets! She is adorable, I have to admit.

One of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo, is on her honeymoon for two weeks, so while she is gone people are posting about the secrets of a happy marriage. It is so fun and wonderful and romantic to read!

Finally, my love has a girlfriend, but my hope is that they will not get married (given his devoted bachelor status), which is good news because my motto has always been "nothing is final until you say 'I do." A girl's gotta dream, right?

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