Monday, August 10, 2009

Pottery Barn future

A home.
of handmade quilts,
to cuddle with by a fire,
antique pieces,
a bookshelf of cookbooks in the kitchen,
a big dinning room table,
for dinner parties
and Saturday morning breakfasts,
and family dinner on Sunday nights,
a piano passed down through generations,
a twin bed under a staircase
(not sure what it’s for, but the Pottery Barn catalog inspired me),
a full DVD cabinet,
an entertainment center,
an overstuffed chair,
church on Sundays,
Bible on the nightstand,
fresh flowers,
stacks of books,
an answering machine,
sounds of laughter,
big windows,
white curtains that let in the light,
king size bed,
clocks with times from different cities where loved ones live and where my heart was left
(Texas, New York, Chicago, DC),
pictures of family and friends on the wall,
a mural on the wall of the staircase,
large art pieces,
children’s work on the fridge,
pretty smelling bathroom soap,
a wreath on the front door
that always brings in friends and families,
the home where people go to escape, relax, and be loved.
(photo from Pottery Barn).


Amy Fields said...

Sounds like a wonderful, hospitable place to me! Can't wait to come with Andrew for visits (and make him leave so we can have a slumber party!).
I've been seriously wanting to have you and Sam over lately. I want you to have dinner at our house and sit in the living room afterwards and talk and play Uno into the night. I miss you so much!

Jan said...

When can I move in??

Josh, Chrissie & Matthew said...

Your mom stole my comment! :)