Monday, August 3, 2009

An open letter to Jon and Kate

Dear Jon and Kate,

You have the most adorable kids. They are certainly a handful and I don’t know how you deal with the day to day of constant neediness, but regardless, they must crack you up all the time. It has been fun watching the show and seeing them grow up. It would be fascinating to spend a day in your shoes at home.

My heart is breaking for you both during this difficult time in your lives. I’m sure you never imagined getting to this point in your relationship, especially in front of millions of people. Just want you to know I don’t believe everything I read and I don’t buy the covers of you two on US Weekly.

My prayer is that you two can find your way back to one another. At least in some small way. No one else will ever know fully what it is like to raise eight kids. No one understands the way that has bonded you two for life. No one understands how you both felt the day you brought the little kids home. These are things I hope you both remember as you continue to figure out what is next. I love that your kids come first in each of your lives, and my hope is that they will come first for you two as a parental unit. I hope the kids can have both their parents at their birthday parties and on Christmas morning. I hope you can each put aside your anger and hurt and spend a day together in peace, and more than peace, I hope in community and friendship. I hope your kids can see a smile between you two or hear a nice word. It won’t do either of you any good to have joint birthday parties and holidays if the environment is tense and uncomfortable. That is not what will make good memories for your kids. I hope you figure out some way to exist together soon because you two will have to see each other for the rest of your kids’ lives.

Also, I am sad for the kids that they won’t see you both as often. I hope you let them call the other when they are sad and can’t fall asleep because they haven’t said goodnight to one of you. I hope you don’t get jealous when they mention the other parent. I hope you don’t have a rule stating that they can’t mention Mom or Dad. I hope custody arrangements are not so strict that you can’t rearrange the agreement for one of your birthdays or an impromptu snowboarding trip or for one kid to spend some alone time with the parent who does not have all eight that week. I just hope things are flexible and friendly for the sake of those eight little beautiful faces that bring your life so much joy.

Thanks for opening up your life for the world to see. Regardless of the press and the separation, I think you two are wonderful parents who legitimately try their best every morning, and that is all any kid can ask for. Please give your kids a hug for me and my prayers are with you both.

A faithful fan,


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