Sunday, August 16, 2009

Julie & Julia

Today my mom, sister and I went to see “Julie & Julia.” I loved it, which of course I did because it is a Nora Ephron film and she is a genius, plus it was about food and marriage and finding a purpose and starred the ever amazing Meryl Streep. I also loved it because there was a lot of humor about blogs, which I could totally relate to. My favorite line was “I could have a blog. I have things to say!” It was wonderful movie and a nice escape.
It made me want to be married. Both women are married to such wonderful men. Julie even calls her husband a “saint.” More importantly, the movie made me want to cook. Both the urge to have a husband and to cook can cause me immediate anxiety! Haha.
The whole plot of the movie is Julia Child’s life and a year in the life of Julie Powell, who made a goal to blog about her year long journey of cooking every recipe in Julia Child’s cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” That is such a good idea. It made me want to consider making a recipe (not of Julia Child’s, just in general) every Sunday as a personal challenge, because frankly, I am not a fan of anything related to the kitchen. However, there are moments, like when watching the Food Network that I dream of enjoying cooking (and not just dream that Bobby Flay and I are married and he grills for me everyday on our New York patio). However, as much as I’d like to promise to begin this "Sunday cooking adventure," I can not, because I hate being committed to things that I am not passionate about. I don’t like the pressure. I’m already feeling pressure from my other recent goal to read through the Bible in one year. Plus, I have also given myself an assignment to finish reading “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by the weekend of the 29th when my mom and sister and I plan to see the movie. Anyway, go see “Julie & Julia” and then go to your favorite restaurant and on the way home drop by the grocery store and buy some ingredients to make something delicious.


Amy Fields said...

Can't wait to go see it! I think I will take Andrew and Cristian with me since they love to cook. :)
Just read your mom's post about the movie too, so I guess that means Ash didn't appreciate it like you did? :)
Miss you!

Jan said...

You're delicious!