Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fire Week

There is a fire in Azusa. It is hidden behind the foothills, behind APU. The sky at work was full of smoke, but really just above APU with a surrounding blue sky, but by the time I drove home the sky was murky further east (toward my apartment). But I am safe and so is the school. The fire hasn’t come over the foothills…yet, and probably won’t (they say). Can’t believe it is already fire season. Some people have snow days, while Californians have “fire days.”
I remember what I lovingly termed as “fire week” back in October of 2003. All of San Diego seemed to be up in flames, or about to be. But it was one of the best weeks ever. School was cancelled for the week, but everyday it was touch and go. It started on a Sunday night when a few friends and I were studying for a test we had the next day and we called our teacher, Mrs. Gerent, and asked her if she had heard anything about school being cancelled (we all prayed it would be to postpone studying). Only at a small school would you have your teacher’s cell phone number. :) She called us back and said yes, it was cancelled, so we sighed with relief and closed our books to talk and hang out on what had suddenly become an additional Saturday night. It was a great feeling.
School ended up being cancelled for the week. My Dad was in Palm Desert for the week and my mom said that was actually kind of a “God thing” because his asthma would have caused an attack with all the smoke. It was heavy and thick. Outside was so brown it covered the windshields like fog when driving. The cars were covered in ash, which was the closest thing to snow we may ever get in San Diego. The sky was a constant shade of orange and the news showed fires constantly. News anchors even got sick from all the smoke intake while on the job…rookies. My sister and I both had friends stay over most of the week and my Mom told me she worried how she would evacuate four girls, herself, our dog and valuables, without my Dad around, at the drop of the hat. That is the scary part about fire season – anything can change uncontrollably at the turn of the wind.
The week was so great because my friend Nikki stayed at my house for most of the week. I think we convinced our moms to let her spend the night three nights in a row. It was a nearly week-long slumber party…on a school night! LOL. I remember we convinced my mom to let us drive to the grocery store, despite the bad air quality, and get stuff so she and I could make dinner for the family. Now I don’t even remember what we made, but I remember we had a good time buying and making it. I think that was the week Nikki and I laid on top of my bed talking about college decisions and how she wanted to go to Chapman and still had feelings for her ex-boyfriend (now her current boyfriend of five years…funny how life works out sometimes). :) That was also the week I confided in her about who I had feelings for. It was a good week.
Crazy that was six years and how things have – and haven’t – changed.
(Not sure who took the photo, but possibly him).

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