Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Channeling Jordan McDeere

Tomorrow is a big day at work. It is a big day because I have to attend three meetings with new people, some of whom are big wigs, and that is so intimidating. I want to prove myself tomorrow. I want to not be defined by how quiet I may be, or how young I look, or by my appearance, etc. I want them all to see I am confident in my job and my knowledge and my ability to learn. Technically, I will probably just be sitting in the meetings and doing my best to follow the conversation, but still, I want to be seen as competent. This is all because of the possible changes at work that I am headed toward with my position. So, to compensate for my insecurity and intimidation, I am going to think of “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip’s” Jordan McDeere. She is my favorite character and she plays the newly hired president of the NBS network. No one, especially her supervisor, thinks she is qualified. They all think she will run away scared and run her position into the ground before running away her self. She is brave and confident and doesn’t let anyone see her sweat. She rarely falls apart, but when she does she is alone. She stays calm and looks for the positive and can handle any threat or challenge. She also states in an episode that she agreed to do her new job as if she only had a year left to live, and make decisions based on that. She will be my role model tomorrow.

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