Friday, August 14, 2009

All American Girl

I was listening to the radio this morning and one of my shows was broadcasting from Boston. The co-anchor said that being in Boston feels like “living in a really big house, because everyone (there) is so hospitable.” I thought that was the coolest and most profound description of a city. I love the picture that is gives. It made me want to go to Boston (I also want to go for those great accents and cute men…thank you “Good Will Hunting”…haha). If I took up Jet Blue’s offer for a $600 one month pass of unlimited flights I could go there…and anywhere else I wanted. I’d have to take off work for a month and just travel, but that causes another bump in the road because I am not very into traveling. This shocks most people. A co-worker mentioned the other day that it really surprises her that I don’t like to travel, which I felt was a compliment because it implies she thinks I am brave and a sort of free-spirit or adventurous or something. The most difficult part about traveling for me is flying, because (as you know) I hate to fly. Once I get where I’m going I usually like it, but maybe I’ve just visited some really great places.

If I did get the Jet Blue pass I would travel all over the US. I am unusual in the sense that I have more places I ache to go that are in the US than overseas. Most people are the opposite, but there is so much of this beautiful country that I want to see and I guess a lot of people would go to Europe first because the US will always be here for them, but how often to they end up taking advantage of that? Not very. Yes, someday I would love to go to London and Paris and Italy and Greece and Amsterdam and Ireland, but, I also really want to visit Nashville and Seattle and Boston and Maine and New Orleans and North Carolina and Chicago and some small towns in between. I guess this goes to prove that I really am an “all American girl.”

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Jan said...

I see London, I see France!!! LOL