Monday, July 20, 2009

Top Ten: What makes a good life?

In class tonight a group presented about living a positive life. We were asked to rank the following items 1-10 (one being the most important) having to do with what makes us happy and feel we live a life worth living. I think it is an interesting exercise because it can change daily, but can also remain a goal list to measure how to build your life. I think I should rank them honestly (as I did in class tonight) and have one that would be my ideal to achieve. Anyway, thought I would post the list (not my ranking of it) just because you may be interested too.

(Listed in no particular order)

Religion/Church/Relationship with God
Intimacy (Romantic relationship – there was some confusion in class, LOL)
Charity/Giving/Community service

As of tonight in class, my personal ranking:
1. Relationships
2. Family
3. Religion
4. Security
5. Education
6. Career
7. Intimacy
8. Money
9. Charity
10. Status

My ideal ranking (as of tonight also):
1. Religion
2. Intimacy
3. Family
4. Relationships
5. Security
6. Career
7. Education
8. Charity
9. Money
10. Status

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Aunt Karen said...

Hi Carrie,

Keep this list. It will change as you get older.