Thursday, July 23, 2009

Missing New York

My mom and I have been missing New York really bad lately. We are hoping to go in October. I am already planning to save money and vacation time in preparation. Mom confessed this week that she dreams of living there someday, even if for only a year, and that has also been one of my dreams since the first time I visited in 2003. It is difficult to explain my connection with NYC, but it is honestly a part of me (as hippie as that sounds). I feel at home when I am there.

Here's one of my favorite quotes about New York from a short-lived TV show called, "The Bedford Diaries":

"New York City.
New York absorbs everything and nothing.
In New York,
time stands still,
yet moves so fast you can barely keep up with it.
In New York,
you're young,
but you're old too.
You're reckless and wise.
You're innocent and you're knowing.
Every time I step outside in this city
I feel the same excitement I did when I first got here.
New York City,
it assumes nothing,
yet demands everything that you can possibly give.
Living in New York,
it's like falling in love."

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