Wednesday, June 3, 2009

When a woman is hormonal and stressed and single and lives with other women who are in the same boat, the topic of men comes up fairly often (“fairly” being an understatement…obviously). Thus, this post.

It all began when I was listening to Ryan Seacrest earlier this week. A guy called in and began telling a story that at first I believed had no point, but it is Ryan on the radio, so I listened. The guy said that he has been casually dating a girl for a couple months and they went out to dinner the other night and she ordered a beer and the waiter asked her “do you want me to bring you a glass?” she said “no, (she) prefers to drink from the bottle.” There. That one phrase, one common, insignificant reply to a waiter about how to sip a beverage, was the deal maker (rather than breaker) for this guy. Once she said that he just couldn’t stand how cute and legit she was and he asked her – right there and then – if they could be exclusive. And she said yes. Now, call me crazy, but I thought that was the sweetest story of my week so far. It is just so cute and simple and reminds me that it is the little things that keep people together.

Okay, so if that story doesn’t do it for you, maybe these blog posts will…

If I get married and if I still have a blog then I want to nickname my husband when I write about him (much like this favorite blogger) and chronicle our love story.

I’d like to go on a first date that feels this comfortable.

I want to marry a man who is this in love with me through sickness and in health.

And you already know (from this previous post) that I believe in the importance of this statement.

And, in the wise words of Jasmine Star, I whole heartedly agree... “I believe in weddings because I believe in love. Just the same way I believe in soul mates, in fidelity, in eternity, in passion, in sacrifice. I believe in weddings because I believe in love.” (I hope quoting her from a blog she asked readers not to steal is okay, because I have nothing but admiration and respect for her, so please read it for yourself in her archives from Jan 25, 2009).

Before ending this sappy random blog, I of course have to remind you all that someday I hope to be on a double date with a woman named Angelina and look across the table at these two men.


Rachel said...

What I love about reading your posts is that I can hear you say each word, each phrase, each incredible thought...especially your closing wish and dream ;-). Your posts make me miss you that much more, but at the same time, bring me that much closer to you. Miss you roomie!

Carrie said...

Aw, Rach, I miss you so much! I was actually thinking about my "voice" in my blog posts compared to other blogger's voices and wondering if mine is okay (gasp, I know). But, your post reminded me that my blog voice is me, and that is what makes it a blog, just like all the others. See, even when we are miles and miles apart you make me feel better about myself and help me figure my life out! :)

Emily said...

Great post, Carrie! The last line is my favorite,though! :)