Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tired of being a gypsy

This week I am tired of my recent gypsy life. What gypsy life, you may ask? Well, since my roommates and I moved to a new apartment I have only spent about a week there total and only five nights in the last two weeks! Ilise moved home to San Diego and Em is still gallivanting around Ireland until Tuesday. I believe she will be back at out apartment on Wednesday next week. I can not wait to have her back! Mostly because I miss her a lot, but also because my gypsy, unsettled life will finally stop. To make these couple of weeks (and my new apartment) even worse is that I still don’t have Internet and my TV is only bringing in NBC and the CW, so I am very limited in my blog reading, Facebook stalking, pop culture obsessing, TV addicted habits.
I have been staying at Marci’s and then went to my parents’ and then Marci stayed with me and then my sister came to stay for a night and finally, last night, I had had enough of the company and the constant turn around in my life and I took a deep breath, locked the doors, and stayed by myself. And here I am, so all is well. It was actually kinda, maybe, just a little bit nice. But, the pace continues tonight when my friend Camry comes to stay and have a movie night, which will be super fun and then tomorrow I head back down to my parents. Next week I don’t know what the plan is yet, but all I know is that I will be counting down the days (and nights) until Em returns.
I am excited for when she gets home to nest in our new place and create some new memories, so I can feel like the apartment is lived in and feel like it is home, because as of now, I still miss my old place. Em and I had just begun creating a new little life for ourselves with a new church and some great new friends and then the new apartment, and I am looking forward to diving back into that life. Before the move and Em’s trip I was just settling into life in LA and beginning to feel completely content, like this is exactly where I am supposed to be for a while. The best part was that we were both feeling that way. It was – and still is, because none of that new life is gone at all, thank goodness – as though everything I have been praying and waiting for over the last five years was finally happening. It has been a crazy ride over the last few months and until these three weeks; I have been loving every minute of it! So please know that although I am tired and frustrated with the last two weeks and the next one, overall, life is really pretty great.

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