Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wonderful weekends!

It has been a whirlwind of fun activity! My weekends have been pretty non-stop, which is exactly how I like it when every activity and plan involves loved ones! It keeps me energized throughout the craziness.
Rachel was here in Cali visiting and stayed at our place for a bit. Life is always better when Rach is here. My room feels more like “my room” when she is in it (probably because that is the way we began in this apartment). I picked Rach up two weeks ago and we spent the weekend together. We went to Montana’s and the undergrad graduation (yay class of 2009). I saw my last bunch of undergrad friends graduate; most of my friends are from my second Alpha year AC group. Over graduation weekend I was also able to see my friend, Alex (from my AC group), which was really nice and needed. Sunday of that weekend I spent Mother’s Day with my Dad’s side of the family and saw my mom’s happiness over her new Kindle.
In between weekends work keeps me busy and going to class keeps me happy (because of the people, not the homework). My roommates and I also decided to move and signed a new lease for June 13th to a new apartment in La Verne, only a few blocks away from where we live now. It is a 3 bedroom, which will be nice for all of us. But, it has been a bit stressful in the process. I will just be glad to get the move over with! We are looking forward to our new place.
This past Sunday I went to a Mother’s Day tea my sister planned for my mom, her three close friends, and their daughters. It was nice to see everyone together since the last time it happened I think we were all under ten (the kids that is). Then I went to a friend’s “Gilmore Girl”-themed party, which was fun. That is when the earthquake happened, as well (boo earthquakes).
Rach also came back to stay this last weekend. We spent most of Saturday at her mom’s house hanging with her family and watching “The Real Housewives” on Bravo (my favorite). Friday night we went to Montana’s again, which was a ton of fun (for a variety of reasons).
The rest of this week has been busy with work staff development days, class, and group meetings. Plus, I spent the day at home yesterday for my mom’s birthday. It was SO WONDERFUL! I am beyond glad I went home for it. It was perfect and lovely and a great memory. My family is so special and important to me, so it was wonderful to spend a happy day together. Yay for Mom having a birthday! I’m glad she enjoyed her day. I know I did!
Whew, it has been quite a couple of weeks. Now I am on to a 3 day Memorial Day weekend!

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