Thursday, May 21, 2009

My AC group

(Blake, me, Casey, Sarah, Brittany, Amy, Corrie, and Alex - Kim is not pictured in this set)
This is my AC group from my 2006 year in Alpha. Alpha is the freshman orientation group at APU and when we are leaders we are all put in Alpha Counselor groups to help us train how to relate and teach our incoming freshmen groups. Alpha was an incredible program for me. It is the only real reason I ever stayed at APU. In 2006, during my junior year, I met this wonderful AC group. They made me laugh until it hurt and loved me when I was vulnerable and stayed intentional about spending time together when Alpha was over for our year. The majority of this group (minus Amy, Brittany, Alex, and I) graduated last weekend. I am so proud of them, so I wanted to give them a little blog shout-out because they were so instrumental in my life at APU and in forming/encouraging the woman I am today. God truly put them in my life for a reason, and even if it turns out that our time together is done, I am positive that it was enough for the season we needed. They were truly my family at APU and I loved every minute of our time together!

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