Monday, May 25, 2009

TV addiction: Jon and Kate plus 8

This weekend I became obsessed with the TLC realty show “Jon and Kate plus 8.” There was a marathon on all weekend and I ate it up! The show is so fascinating! There are just so many kids I can’t even fathom how Jon and Kate do it. Their life is absolutely crazy and I love watching every minute of it…well, not every minute…I hate how Kate berates Jon. She is very mean to him and short tempered and patronizing. It is pretty intense, but it is very clear (after watching it for a weekend) that they are committed to their kids and their life together.
That said, I am dying for cable at my apartment tonight because I want to see what happens when Jon and Kate face each other on camera after all the tabloid rumors have been swirling! I really hope they can work it out and stay together for the kids. I feel very sad for them! Regardless, the show is fascinating and I totally recommend watching an episode! The kids are a handful but adorable, and it is clear they are very loved by their parents (as well as all their family-friend babysitters). It made for a fun weekend at home!

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Josh, Chrissie & Matthew said...

Last night's show made me so sad. I am really hoping they can pull it together and work it out!