Sunday, May 10, 2009

Top Ten: Mother’s Day Version

In honor of mother’s day, here is a top ten list of why I love my mom. Obviously, I love her for more than ten reasons, but here are only ten.
1. She always supports me, no matter what decision (or mistake) I make.
2. She has great wisdom and advice.
3. She is a great listener, which is an admirable quality considering how much I can talk!
4. We have the same sense of humor.
5. She is a mother who loves to be a mom, including letting us cuddle with her in her bed (she was never one of those moms who believe kids shouldn’t be allowed in Mom and Dad’s room), letting us come first, and always telling us her life is fuller because of us (for proof, read her blog from today).
6. She loves to read and helped me decide to be an English major as an undergrad.
7. We both love music and writing.
8. She is always honest about her feelings, thoughts, mistakes, and all other opinions.
9. She gives great hugs.
10. She is one of the best Christians I know and constantly inspires me with her own walk with God everyday.
I love you, Mom.


Jan said...

Ah, love you back!!!

Sidney said...

She does give great hugs