Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Student Stories: Part Three

Can I just say that I love grad school? I know, I sound like a broken record, but I do! I fell asleep last night heavy hearted with many things, but what brought a smile to my face was class. I had class last night and just totally realized last night while getting ready for bed that class is the highlight of my week in a way that is impossible to ignore. I feel alive in class and loved and smart and challenged and inspired and like a little sponge soaking up all the learning! I learn from my peers, not just the professor and his outline. I think that is the best part. The people in my classes, especially the ones I’ve been through many classes with, are just so incredible and I learn so much about life and who I want to be from them. In class I find part of my identity that I’ve missed for quite a while. I feel listened to and respected and noticed when I am late or gone. It feels like home. It feels stable. I’ve been craving stability so badly for quite a while now, which is a confession for another blog on another day, but class is one thing that helps keep me stable and sane. It is a nice break from the rest of my life.
In case I haven’t specifically mentioned what I am in grad school for, I am pursuing a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership. I am often asked, “What is that exactly and what are you going to do with it?” and luckily, as a former English major, I am pro in answering that question because I got it a ton as an undergrad! J Organizational Leadership is sort of the humanistic, softer side of an MBA. My program focuses on how people interact and work within a given organization. We discuss topics such as conflict management, team building (getting the right people on the right team for the right job), and how to be an effective leader of integrity, effectiveness, and encouragement. I decided to join the program for many reasons, but professionally, I believed that my BA in English would pair well with a degree in Organizational Leadership when applying for any position in the corporate world, and after a year in the program, I definitely think that is true.I can’t believe I am nearly done with my first year of grad school, but more than that, I can’t believe how much it has helped my quality of life this year by giving me roots, a home, new ideas, and an awesome support group of peers and friends.

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