Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love grows best in small houses (or so my mom used to say).

Lately I’ve been thinking about big houses and big families and lots of loved ones around constantly.
about white picket fences and yards full of grass with blankets and children and a porch swing.
about holding babies and raising kids and commitment.
about family dinners and church services and towels strewn all over the bathroom.
about puppies and spilled orange juice and wedding photos framed on the mantel.
about one year old birthday parties and 50th wedding anniversaries and holding hands on the front porch swing.
about marriage and babies and cozy houses.
about the Kingdom of God and family as a Christian witness and that staying put is a completely legitimate way to serve God.
Lately I’ve been thinking about plans and love and dreams for the future.
And lately, it has made me feel happy and hopeful and healed.

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