Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A lot has been said about marriage this week.
A lot is always said about marriage.
Couples come in many unlikely matches,
It is proof that all types of opposites attract.
Popular, loner, fat, thin, introvert, extrovert,
All until “death do them part.”
People discuss the Obama’s marriage,
They discuss that the Jolie-Pitts aren’t married
(she was voted most beautiful woman this week, by the way…
who wouldn’t want to be married to that?!),
Some state the value of marriage,
Even when facing public scrutiny and losing the chance at a title.
I admire married people.
I am learning that God works through marriage
to teach about God’s love.
My parents are an example of just that – God’s plan and His love and the value of commitment.
My life is better because they are married and have been for 30 years!
It brings a personal sense of comfort, security, and an example that with God (and commitment), all things are possible.
Maybe someday I will get married.
Maybe I will be married to him.
Or of course, whoever the Lord has already picked for me.


Jan said...

LOL "him"

Rachel said...

So does that mean you will admire me next summer? LOL!!! I am just too funny ;-)