Thursday, April 16, 2009

Famous men and cocktail waitresses

Okay, time for one more post. Ignore what I said about not being hyper verbal in my last post from five minutes ago. As you probably know by now, when I have something to say I can't keep it in and now, I have something to say...despite the fact that it is unbelievably lame.
I just read on People Magazine's website that Ryan Seacrest is seeing someone...a LA bartender! Had I listened more attentively this morning I would have heard him talk about her possibly, because the article said Ryan took his new girl to Paris this weekend and today he mentioned how all he wanted to do was go back to Paris.
This just goes to further my plan/theory that I have to become a cocktail waitress in order to date famous men! George Clooney (the man who has my heart), Michael Phelps, and now Ryan have all (allegedly...Michael Phelps claims his reports were false) fallen for cocktail waitresses/bartenders! What is it with men and women holding liquor? LOL. Clearly, this is what I now have to become. Good tips and famous men. Sounds like a plan to me.
Next stop: bartending school (my Mom will be so proud to read least she already understands the lengths I will go to for George).

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