Monday, April 27, 2009

Top Ten (okay, eleven): Things I am missing right now

This is Lucy.

1. Family dinner with flank steak sandwiches, baked beans, and artichokes.
2. Being nine playing Barbie city with my sister in the living room.
3. My junior year AC group: Alex, Blake, Casey, Sarah, Corrie, Kim, Amy, and Brittany.
4. My favorite bench in Central Park.
5. Cuddling in bed with Mom watching TV and talking.
6. Sleepovers, movie nights, and girl talk with my best friends in high school.
7. My friend Sam.
8. The variety show senior year with Nikki.
9. Peter doing donuts in Sweet Betty before wondering if the van could clear the In n’ Out driveway.
10. My dog, Lucy (who is at home in San Diego, where I have not been to visit in several weeks).
11. Living with Rachel.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


A lot has been said about marriage this week.
A lot is always said about marriage.
Couples come in many unlikely matches,
It is proof that all types of opposites attract.
Popular, loner, fat, thin, introvert, extrovert,
All until “death do them part.”
People discuss the Obama’s marriage,
They discuss that the Jolie-Pitts aren’t married
(she was voted most beautiful woman this week, by the way…
who wouldn’t want to be married to that?!),
Some state the value of marriage,
Even when facing public scrutiny and losing the chance at a title.
I admire married people.
I am learning that God works through marriage
to teach about God’s love.
My parents are an example of just that – God’s plan and His love and the value of commitment.
My life is better because they are married and have been for 30 years!
It brings a personal sense of comfort, security, and an example that with God (and commitment), all things are possible.
Maybe someday I will get married.
Maybe I will be married to him.
Or of course, whoever the Lord has already picked for me.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Columbine remembered ten years later

Well today is an interesting night (did that even make sense?). I was in bed at 8:30 because I only slept for 4 hours last night and started work at 7 this morning, but by 10:10, I could not fall asleep for the life of me! I was hungry and incredibly warm!!! I seriously HATE summer, and while those of you who know of those mythical months called “seasons” and may say it is still spring, here in So-Cal, summer has arrived in all his glory. Today it was 100 degrees…in the middle of April! I pray it cools down soon. I am NOT a happy person in the heat. So, now I am awake, blogging, ate some ice cream and am even drinking half a glass of wine (maybe it will make me sleepy?).
Okay, so I really wanted to post today because it marks the 10 year anniversary (which seems too happy a word) of the Columbine shooting. I have a thing about marking important and historical dates and I figured my blog is as good a place as any to do that very thing. Ten years ago a tragic and terrible event happened at a high school I had never heard of and by the end of the day no one would ever forget. I was in eighth grade. I remember because I had youth group that night (which in junior high I hated going to) and my Mom came in and asked if I was going and when I told her “no” she was concerned that I was spending too much time watching the Columbine coverage. I literally spent the whole day after school watching the news and learning every detail possible. The tragedy of it all consumed me and shocked me. I wondered how something so terrible could happen. I wondered if I would have enough courage to admit I believed in God with a gun pointed at my head the way the student and Christian, Rachel Scott, did. I wondered how I treated my peers at school. Wondered how many people had wished they could do the same tragic thing at my own school. I wondered who the potential suspects would be and what I would do if it happened. I wondered about all the students who saw the shooting up close but weren’t harmed. I wondered about those who weren’t at school when it happened and how relieved or guilty they must feel. I wondered what people must have said to each other when hiding and praying in a classroom. I even wrote a short story about a school shooting as an undergrad to come to terms with all of these thoughts. (I know, I have a dark side…I am reminded often).
It was an event and a day I hoped no student would ever forget who witnessed the tragedy, whether first hand or in the media coverage. I still pray people don’t forget. I pray they remember to treat others with respect and defend those who are mistreated on campus. I pray they realize a smile and a kind word go a long way, even if you are not friends with the person (or don’t want to be). And I pray that people thank God they didn’t suffer that same tragedy in high school, because it could happen to anyone at any school. They say we learn from history; I sure hope we remember what we learned from Columbine.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Famous men and cocktail waitresses

Okay, time for one more post. Ignore what I said about not being hyper verbal in my last post from five minutes ago. As you probably know by now, when I have something to say I can't keep it in and now, I have something to say...despite the fact that it is unbelievably lame.
I just read on People Magazine's website that Ryan Seacrest is seeing someone...a LA bartender! Had I listened more attentively this morning I would have heard him talk about her possibly, because the article said Ryan took his new girl to Paris this weekend and today he mentioned how all he wanted to do was go back to Paris.
This just goes to further my plan/theory that I have to become a cocktail waitress in order to date famous men! George Clooney (the man who has my heart), Michael Phelps, and now Ryan have all (allegedly...Michael Phelps claims his reports were false) fallen for cocktail waitresses/bartenders! What is it with men and women holding liquor? LOL. Clearly, this is what I now have to become. Good tips and famous men. Sounds like a plan to me.
Next stop: bartending school (my Mom will be so proud to read least she already understands the lengths I will go to for George).

Blame it on vacation

Gosh it has been a while since I last wrote. I need to get back into the swing of things with this blog! Anyway, I am back. I was on vacation from Friday to Tuesday with my family in Palm Desert. It was so wonderful! It was incredibly relaxing! I did nothing. I slept in, laid out by the pool, played in the water, ate yummy food, watched cable, and hung out with the fam. It was wonderful. It was so great to be with my family. I love when we go on vacations together and get into “vacay mode!” I came back on Tuesday in time for the first night of my fourth class and many people commented on how relaxed and happy and good I looked, which was great to hear because I felt super relaxed and ready to face my life again, but it also made me a bit insecure wondering what I normally look like in class! Especially considering that class is my favorite part of the week, so what does that mean I look like at work?!
Tomorrow is Friday, but it feels like tomorrow is Wednesday because I went back to work on Wednesday, which felt like Monday. Haha. Work is busy as we just switched over to PeopleSoft and I am learning things all over again and restructuring the way I do things. I am leading a meeting tomorrow for about seven people to explain some changes. It is hard to believe that I have now been established in a job long enough to confidently plan and lead a meeting. When I first started I didn’t even know how to send a meeting request in my Outlook e-mail! My how time flies.
Okay, that is all for now. Not very verbal tonight I guess. There are many things to write, but not for tonight.

Monday, April 6, 2009

One nation under God.

I read an interesting article from Newsweek today. It is actually this week’s cover story stating “The End of Christian America.” The irony, which is not ironic at all, but carefully planned during many meetings by Newsweek editors (trust me, I used to work for a newspaper), is not lost on me that this cover is out the same week as Easter, no doubt to make atheist happy during this “holiday season” and terrify Christians as they run to their churches to pray for the “un-Godly.” Anyway, here is a small excerpt (you can read the whole article here):
“There it was, an old term with new urgency: post-Christian. This is not to say that the Christian God is dead, but that he is less of a force in American politics and culture than at any other time in recent memory. To the surprise of liberals who fear the advent of an evangelical theocracy and to the dismay of religious conservatives who long to see their faith more fully expressed in public life, Christians are now making up a declining percentage of the American population… While we remain a nation decisively shaped by religious faith, our politics and our culture are, in the main, less influenced by movements and arguments of an explicitly Christian character than they were even five years ago… Let's be clear: while the percentage of Christians may be shrinking, rumors of the death of Christianity are greatly exaggerated. Being less Christian does not necessarily mean that America is post-Christian…”
I found this article so interesting and timely. I do not believe that Christianity is dead, not will it ever be, for two reasons: 1) we have a living God and 2) people will always believe in a higher power (whoever or whatever that is to them), so religion and spirituality are inherently human.
This article also reminded me of my church and my pastors, because they always comment on being sure people avoid certain religious radio programs and magazines that are sure to jump all over this Newsweek article, because they will blow things out of proportion and send fear and doubt into the heart of the believer, because they operate on chaos, just as the secular media does too.
At the end of the day all that matters is our walk with the Lord and how we show him to others. There is a reason community is so key to the Kingdom of God, rather than the “Government of God,” and that is because God is relational, not political, so no matter what our conservative or liberal climate is, people will still need and rely on each other and the gospel will still be told person by person through small, everyday interactions on that “main street” government is so often using these days. Ultimately, Christianity in government doesn’t have any real influence, because on “Main Street” it will always exist. That is the point of community and “love thy neighbor” and “where two or three are gathered, there I will be also.” One of my favorite quotes in the Newsweek article was, “The Sermon on the Mount is about what we are to do—but it does not come with a political handbook.” That is my point.
More proof that Christianity is long from dead, is watching the Academy of Country Music awards (strange and unlikely transition, I know). The country community is very grounded in Jesus and Christianity and church. Listen to the lyrics and watch the award shows. They are conservative, patriotic, and God-fearing. When Carrie Underwood won her two awards she thanked God numerous times, including saying “let all the power and the glory and the honor be to God” (or something close). Plus, the community of country music is grounded in “love thy neighbor.” They look out for one another and they are very loyal. You can tell that by watching the award show as well. My favorite moment was after Carrie Underwood won Entertainer of the Year; Kenny Chesney (who has won for the last four years) turned around and told her mom and sister congratulations. Beautiful community. This is why I love country music, and this is why Christianity is no where near dead, even in a possibly “post-Christian” society (which, by the way, Christians termed years ago).
Okay, that is my rant for the day. Now I’m off to celebrate my beautiful roommate, Ilise’s, birthday!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sister portraits

I have been thinking this weekend about how someday my sister and I want to take sister pictures with our favorite photographer, Jasmine Star. We have sort of made a plan to do them in two years for my 25th birthday and her 23rd, although Ashley would like to do them sooner than that (maybe in a year for 24 and 22?)! Anyway, it got me thinking about how I don't see too many sister portraits, but today I found some while "blog stalking" (don't judge) and I had to share! They can be found here on Tinywater Photography. The sisters even have the whole blonde and brunette thing going! LOL.

Good advice

Being yourself + Doing your best = OKAY.

(found on A Cup of Jo who got it from Nina)

Melancholy baby

This is who I am today. I did something I’ve never done before – maybe even never fathomed doing before – I drove home and halfway there I turned around and drove back to my apartment. It was surreal and strange, but it is just one of those days. Mama said there’d be days like this.
The last two weeks have been rough for most of the people close to me, including me. They have been tough for a variety of reasons. Oh well. These things happen. But today I needed to be alone. I needed to escape and disappear and sit in my own noise and voice and thoughts and tears and prayers. I needed to be. And I needed to feel like an adult. Like I am capable of handling my self and my life, because it has seemed to be two steps ahead of me all week, so I needed to catch it and reel it back in. And tonight, I have. I have prayed and listened to a beautiful sermon about worry that the Lord brought me perfectly just for today. I have read and watched “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip” and drove a lot and now am blogging and listening to The Fray, a great melancholy CD.
All is fine. I am fine. Things are fine. And the Lord is good.
Mama said there’d be days like this and Mom told me I didn’t have to come home to make everything better.