Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Work, friends, and planes

Busy, busy, busy! That is how the last week has been! I am super busy at work doing my job and training with a new data system. It keeps me more than occupied. At night I’ve been busy with friends too! Last night I had a nice little dinner party at my apartment with my roomies and two of our friends. It was wonderful and we all laughed a ton and had a great time.
Speaking of a great time, I spent most of the weekend with my dear friend, Amy!!! She was visiting from Chicago and it was wonderful to catch up. We really needed it and I feel very refreshed by our time together. We had some very cathartic conversations about good and difficult stuff and I was reminded that the Lord always brings us people we need to help us get through tough stuff in life, and Amy and I are definitely feeling some of the same things right now. I am so grateful and blessed by her honesty and her openness in listening to my own honesty. I love that we have been friends for so long (since kindergarten) and that we can be completely vulnerable with one another. We also enjoyed traveling down memory lane, which as you’ve probably learned by now, is one of my favorite things to do!
Tonight I am packing (and ignoring some reading for homework) for Texas. The family and I leave on Thursday and head to Denton, TX for my cousin’s wedding. Please pray for traveling mercies and a VERY safe flight! I HATE to fly. I mean HATE it. Just HATE it. So, I would really appreciate your prayers. I am looking forward to the wedding, meeting my new baby second cousin (who is so adorable in pictures!), and giving Aunt Sue and Uncle Keith a hug hello! I’m also looking forward to seeing all the family who will be arriving there for the wedding. It will be a big love fest reunion. Anytime spent with the Texas side of the family is always wonderfully chaotic and full of life and laughter. It is the type of environment that moves so fast that when it is over and I get back on the plane for home I will ask myself, “what just happened?” I love watching the entire family gather and interact – and there will be a LOT of us! It should be a good time. Whatever happens, it will be great to go with my whole family (parents and sister), the only one missing will be my adorable dog, Lucy.
So, that craziness begins on Thursday, meaning you probably won’t get another blog from me for about a week!

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