Sunday, March 1, 2009

Top Ten: 23

23 things I am thankful for and good memories over the past 23 years…

1. God’s grace, mercy, forgiveness, and freedom even though I daily struggle to remember, comprehend, and enjoy those qualities about Him.
2. The fact that God has sent plenty of people who have been “Jesus with hands” to me to prove who He is and to teach me more about Him and His love.
3. My parents, who I love more than life, who always support and love me and have raised me in a faith-based home. Mom, for always being someone I can talk to about anything and whenever. And Dad, for always looking out for me and helping me solve my problems.
4. My wonderful sister who I also love more than life and who cracks me up more than anyone else I know. And, for being so intentional about coming to visit me at my apartment.
5. My roommates, Ilise and Emily, and how they just let me be me.
6. Rachel, for being my first best friend in college and continuing to be one today.
7. Living in the mods sophomore year with four other incredible and fun roommates.
8. Jamie and our freshman year together (as well as all of our times together)
9. My AC groups in Alpha… especially my second year AC group. And even more specifically Giovanna and Alex.
11. Spending two terrifying and powerful weeks in the Tenderloin in San Fran. That was an incredible experience and I still can’t believe I did it twice!
10. Phil Shahbaz, Karen Sorensen, and Dr. Kern.
11. Grad school.
12. SIATech.
13. Guajome.
14. North Coast.
15. Singing on the worship team in eighth grade and senior year.
16. Leading a small group with Diane and Cindy.
17. My 18th weekend birthday trip with my best friends: Amy, Sara, Nikki, and Sidney.
18. The summer after graduating high school.
19. Papa John’s at 2am and sleepovers.
20. Ms. Kanawi, Mrs. Kawano, Ms. Le, Mrs. Gerent, and Mr. Canaletti.
21. The year Grandma gave my family Disneyland passes. That was the best! Definitely one of my favorite childhood memories.
22. Family vacations in Palm Desert.
23. Childhood bedtime ritual: songs, books, “what’d you like best today?”, and prayer (especially “please place your angels all around me and give me lots of courage”).

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