Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Roots (an unconventional poem)

Here is a “poem” we were told how to write in class last night (about where you come from, meaning your childhood). Here is how:
My roots are…(familiar sights and sounds).
My roots are…(familiar food, especially at holidays).
My roots are…(familiar phrases).
My roots are…(names of family and relatives).

Thought it would be fun to elaborate and post here.

My roots are…
playing on the front porch with my sister until Dad called for dinner,
watching TV in Mom and Dad’s bed as Mom got ready for work,
kicking the soccer ball in the backyard,
Barbie city early on Saturday mornings,
a wall full of cupboards hiding our toys,
a huge bunny sitting in the black rocking chair,
listening to country music on the way to school,
waiting rooms in doctors’ offices,
neighbor boys playing football in the street,
96.5 in the orthodontist office.

My roots are…
tuna noodle casserole,
Sizzler on Thursdays with Dad,
Mom’s lemon bars,
Dad’s chocolate chip cookies,
turkey on holidays,
left over turkey sandwiches,
Mom’s creamed eggs and ham,
See’s bridge mix,
diet coke,
frozen bananas at Grandma’s,
tomato soup and grilled cheese,
chicken nuggets,
pink lemonade in the summertime.

My roots are…
“everything worth doing is worth doing right.”
“Say please and thank you.”
“Don’t say ‘butt’ or ‘shut up.”
“Who’s the mommy, you or me?”
"Stop bossing your sister around."
“What’s the code word?”
Bootie Baby.”
“Carrie, oh Carrie, sweet little Carrie mine…”
Jesus loves me (the song).
“Place your angels all around me and give me lots of courage.”

My roots are…
Peggy and Russ (who I never got to meet, but who loved me all the same).
Diana and Connie (I was “little Connie”).
Gretchen and Jim.
Karen and Sue.
Great Grandma Agnes and Grandma Del.
Dan and Jan.


Anonymous said...

What a great poem Carrie! Of course I share some of the same things with you.

Aunt Karen

edeaton said...

That picture of you and your sister is so cute! I love thinking about childhood memories! :)