Wednesday, March 25, 2009

God Bless Texas

Hello dear blog! How I have missed you!!! Things since just before leaving for Texas have been crazy! From class to home to Texas to coming back from Texas and hearing that Grandma was having emergency hip replacement surgery to spending two nights visiting her in the hospital to school to work to the hanging with friends to going dancing at Montana’s to homework to work to class, and now, I am back. Whew! Feels good to let that all out. So, now to why you’re really here…my trip to Texas.
Texas was wonderful. It was so great to see everyone! It was great to catch up with my Aunt Karen and meet two of cousin’s husbands for pretty much the first time and to go to my cousin’s wedding and stay at the beautiful bed and breakfast Inn and spend time with Aunt Sue and Uncle Keith and to see the always interesting, hilarious, and loving dynamics between the H-side of the family (my Uncle’s side of the family). The H-side of the family is always so kind and loving to the I-side of the family. They treat us like their own and give their love freely even to us. It is always so touching to see the love the four siblings share. They are so supportive of one another, yet so human as well. I just love to catch up with them, as well as sit back and take them all in. That was the best part of the trip; just sitting back surrounded by laughter and conversations of the H and I families for four days. About 25 people at one time all in a living room/kitchen. It was the epitome of loving chaos.
BUT, the BEST part of the ENTIRE trip was my adorable, perfect, and beautiful BABY COUSIN, AINSLEY!!!!! Actually, she is my second cousin (my cousin’s baby girl), but it is easier to call her my baby cousin. She is the most beautiful and well behaved baby I have ever met. I love her. The best time of the weekend was holding her in my arms, which thankfully, I got to do a lot. It made the whole trip worth it. There is nothing more perfect, relaxing, loving, and right in the world than holding a baby in your arms. It was perfection. She was perfection. I can’t even explain the feelings I get when I am folding her – or even looking at her! I just adore her.
While I was there I had a very strange thought. I thought about having an adventure. I thought about moving to Texas and in with my Aunt and Uncle for six months. I would find a job and rent a room and live down the street from my cousin and Ainsley. I love being with them and my Aunt Sue is so much like my mom (they are sister’s after all) that maybe it wouldn’t be too hard to be away from my own family for six months. I thought I could move there from June to November (I’d move back home at Thanksgiving). Six months would be short enough to survive and long enough to work a decent amount of time at a job there and really experience Texas life and get to know my cousins better. However, six months would also give me the freedom to move at the end, as a sort of trial period. My mom even found a job listing at one of the local colleges for a job that is essentially the same as I am doing now. I don’t know…it is a tough and big decision, but an option and adventure none-the-less.
Anyway, Texas was great and it was so nice to go with my whole family as a sort of mini family vacation for the four of us. I do love them so.

Note: Pictures coming in Friday or Saturday.

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