Monday, March 30, 2009

Everything works out for Karen

This photo taken by my friend Nicole.
That is my friend and former professor’s motto for her life and the best part is that it’s true! Life always seems to work out for Karen, even with all the tough stuff she has been through she comes out on the other side with a bigger smile, more confidence, and wisdom gained. Her motto has never been more apparent than on Saturday when she got married to her perfect guy. Dave and Karen are so well suited for one another. They both love God so much and seek to keep Him the center of their own lives and their relationship together. Both are incredibly intelligence, independent, and intentional. They seem to make a great team, and I know from seeing Karen over the last year, that Dave really does bring out the best side of her. I’ve never seen her so steady and content before – and I’ve known her for nearly five years.
Their wedding was incredible and such a treat for their family and friends. They got married at the Nixon Library, which was beautiful! They had an outdoor ceremony and it was cozy with only 130 people. Karen’s nieces and nephews were a huge part of the ceremony, which was so sweet and special. She is such a great aunt. The groomsmen, especially the best man, couldn’t seem to stop smiling through the whole ceremony. That is the best sign to tell that Dave and Karen are great together and that everybody close to them thinks so! There was a definite political theme to the evening with the Nixon library, the grand – White House ballroom-like reception room, and even political buttons saying “I voted Lang in ‘09” or “Karen for bride.” It was very cute. I also got to see my old Clause friends! It was great to celebrate Karen’s wedding day together since all of us went through many long days together with Karen (or because of Karen). It was nice to catch up. Plus, I got to see my favorite former professor, Dr. Kern and meet her new 2 month old son! She is wonderful.
That was the most meaningful part of the wedding for me, getting to spend time and be in the company of two incredible professors (Karen and Dr. Kern). Both of them affected so much of who I became in college and what I believed I could attain both while I was a student and in life. I spent countless hours discussing life plans and fears and hopes with each of them. They both showed me what a confident, God-fearing woman looks like and helped me feel very comfortable in my single-ness (Dr. Kern got married after 30 and Karen is 30 this year…I think). They were both examples that God can work in non-married women’s lives just as much and that His plan is not just about marriage and what you “do in the meantime,” but rather that God has a plan for you and that plan will introduce you to many incredible self-discoveries, adventures, and maybe even your perfect partner. (All of this seems so obvious to most, but at APU and in the Christian community with all the young married couple left and right, it gets difficult to remember that). To see both of them with their husbands is to know that God’s timing and plan is perfect and that if you wait long enough – and maybe date enough – He will bring your husband along. But, they showed it is okay too if that doesn’t happen. They also showed me what a feminist looks like, especially one who puts God first and roots her feminist beliefs in biblical truth. Karen and Dr. Kern essentially kept me at APU and introduced me to a part of my life I hadn’t truly been proud of or comfortable with until meeting them. And, because this is my blog and I get to brag, my favorite memory of Karen and Dr. Kern is receiving a paper back from Karen in class and at the top of the paper Karen had written “I am with Dr. Kern right now and we are both talking about how much we love you!” If that kind of encouragement can’t keep you in school I don’t know what can!
Finally, having gone to two weddings in the month of March, I have really come to realize how important the wedding ceremony is to a bride and groom’s loved ones. Sure, it is nice of a couple to have a reception for their guests and celebrate with them that way, but the essence of having a reception is to continue the celebratory joy that began at the wedding. Weddings are way more important and beautiful than any reception because you get to be a part of a couple’s commitment to one another. You are invited to witness this ceremony for a reason, to support and enjoy this new marriage. A wedding is not only about the bride and groom, it is about the people who keep them afloat, brought them together, and who they turn to for laugh and a shoulder to cry on. It means the world to be invited to take part in a wedding and witness this life changing ceremony. Weddings really are about the guests, because they are the ones that ultimately got you to that altar in the first place and in the grand scheme of your life. So never underestimate the power of a wedding invite and having a “big” wedding. It means so much to the people who are cheering for you as you walk back down the aisle.

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