Monday, February 23, 2009

Working Weekend

Boy, am I exhausted from my crazy weekend! I worked at a conference with my old company and worked 32 hours in three days! It was crazy, but so fun. I love lending a hand and running around to and from in the hotel. It keeps me busy and keeps my mind off anything too serious, which for a constant thinker (thanks to Strengths) is a good thing. It was great to see all my old co-workers again. I really miss that place. As strange as it sounds, being and working with that group, despite the drama and usual office dysfunction, feels more like home to me than any other experience I’ve had since high school. You may think that I haven’t worked in enough organizations to feel this way, but I have had five jobs and I still think that group tops the list. I use to leave that job most days thanking the Lord that I worked there and thinking “I love my job.” Maybe I was too young and not there for a long enough time, but I still think my feelings mean something. Anyway, it was great. Today my body hurts and I am exhausted and also sad it is already over.
The last two weeks are beginning a very crazy next few weeks in my life between my birthday, my friend Amy visiting, going to Texas for my cousin’s wedding and going the next weekend to a friend’s wedding, and that is only the weekends! Not to mention school and work. Tomorrow there is a big meeting at work where our budget and salary and hiring pause will be addressed. After tomorrow I will have many decisions to make in a short amount of time as my job ends (at least as of today) on March 31st. We’ll see what March brings. What I do know is that keeping busy is fun given all the down-time I sometimes get tired of. I also know that I have to keep spending time with the Lord in order to make the right decisions that must be made this month. It would also be great if you could pray for me about that too!
In completely superficial and lame news, can I just admit that I loved the Oscars last night? Plus, I am so surprised because many critics still thought that show was a disappointment in its “updated” style. The parts they loved, such as the “Pineapple Express” comedy section, were the parts I hated. The only thing I agree with the critics about is the camera shots during the memorial review because you could hardly read the names of those who have passed – and there were a lot! My favorite parts were Danny Boyle’s acceptance speech for Best Director, Hugh Jackman’s opening number when Anne Hathaway joined him, Hugh Jackman in general J, bringing on stage past winners to speak about the present nominees, Heath Ledger’s family accepting the Best Supporting Actor award on his behalf while the camera panned the misty-eyed celebrities, the Best Actress presentation, and especially the fact that Kate Winselt won, as well as her acceptance speech. She looked beautiful, as did Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Marissa Tomei. Of course, Angelina looked gorgeous and it was fun to see her and Brad sitting in the front row. It is so interesting how celebrities are our American royalty. In England it is the Queen and William and Harry. Here, it is the celebrities, especially “Brangelina”, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, Meryl Steep, George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston and Will Smith (among others, of course). I wrote a paper about this in college. I guess my obsession with celebrity pop culture means I am okay with their “royalty.” I just think about this sometimes when the Oscars are the most watched award show of the year. It was also really nice to be home with the fam to watch together. This hasn’t happened in five years and I’ve missed it!
(Photo from People).

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Rachel said...

Did you notice that Heath's name did not appear in the memorial film? Am I just going crazy or did that really happen? If so, THAT IS INSANE!!!!!!!