Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two weeks worth of smiles

My beautiful, profound, and poetic friend, Jamie, says it’s good to keep lists. So, here is a list of two weeks worth of smiles:
*A mother walking her daughter to elementary school every morning.
*A phone call from a beloved old friend the exact day I was planning to call her.
*Facebook notes.
*Buying books for a baby shower.
*Answered prayers.
*Sisterly text messages.
*Cake recommendations from Mom.
*Two-buck Chuck.
*Rainy days.
*Electric blankets.
*Yellow tulips.
*“Family” dinner.
*Psalm 4:1
*Anne Lamott.
*Lunch with a favorite Professor friend.
*Wedding invitations.
*Montana’s on a Friday night.
*Spontaneity at 2am.
*Black and white pictures of my Dad and his family.
*A hand-made quilt.
*Movies on opening night (“He’s Just Not that Into You”).
*Ugg boots.


jamie said...

you, my dear, are precious.

and i'll agree with you,
hand made quilts, two buck chuck and i'll trade you yellow for pink tulips.

Jan said...

That made ME smile!