Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Morning

There is a song by Maroon 5 called "Sunday Morning" and it is perfect for a lazy sunny day. That is how today is. It is a gorgeous sunny day here in San Dimas. The kids are being loud and obnoxious outside, the windows are all open, the birds are chirping (I'm serious), and the apartment just looks pretty when the sun is pouring in.
I slept in until 11:15 and didn't go to sleep until 3:45am last night. I "slept over" in my roommates' room while we watched "Jane Eyre" until late and then talked about boys until we fell asleep.
Today is full of nothing except enjoying the sun, relaxing, and doing whatever bring smiles.
It's good to take advantage of these moments because sometimes they seem few and far between. So today is that day. No plans, not many people, just books and tv shows on DVD and music and food and easy conversations.
And, of course, the Super Bowl turned on in the background because I really don't care, but it is the Super Bowl. And because I want Arizona to win for Kurt Warner's benefit and the fact that some will say it is because of his faith in God. I really just want one reporter to eat his words because I read this guy's article a couple weeks ago and he wrote all about sports players who believe in God and how ridiculous it is to believe in God, let alone believe he helps you in your sport. I really want that guy -all the other reporters - to eat their words, and to again, have to deal with a winning player who will give glory to God when they make him MVP and hand him his trophy. Any win for the Kingdom is a good thing in my book.
Wow, apparently I care more about the "pointy end ball" game than I thought! :) So, happy nachos, happy beer and hot dogs, happy day with "the boys", happy sport jerseys and little kids blocking the tv, happy ladies' day out. Happy Super Bowl and happy Sunday.

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