Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Top Ten: Best Things about a Sick Day

I have an annoying cold and after a 15 hour day yesterday I had to take a sick day today to get better, hence this post...

1. Sleeping.
2. Watching guilty daytime pleasures: Oprah, The View, and As The World Turns.
3. Reading for pleasure (because you can’t concentrate on school when you’re sick).
4. Realizing you kinda miss your job.
5. The quietness of the neighborhood at noon.
6. Seeing the neighborhood come home from work.
7. Showering at 2 in the afternoon.
8. Not having to do chores.
9. Watching movies and TV (today’s choices: The Bachelor and Brothers & Sisters).
10. Calling your mom and texting your sister while they are at work.

(Photo from here, but I found it here).


Anonymous said...

For Number 10: "their" should be "they're or they are"

Just FYI, i understand that you're not in the right mind as it is floating about you in the clouds.


Carrie said...

Thanks A. I fixed it! You're always looking out for me. :)