Sunday, January 11, 2009


I had a nice little mini-vacation this weekend. My mom and sister and I escaped to Newport for a night. It was so beautiful and lovely. It totally felt like a vacation. I wish I could have stayed there longer. I love to escape my daily problems in vacations! It is such a nice break from reality. It was great to spend time away with my mom and sister. Being in Newport with a room that overlooked the ocean (see above picture from our hotel room balcony) reminded me how much I love living in southern California and how I always want to live by the water more than any other natural element. Maybe someday I'll even live in Newport, although Oceanside suits me just fine. :)

The best part of the trip was how un-planned it was. My mom called and said "change of plans, we are going to Newport!" and an hour later there I was in the hotel room. We hadn't planned to go away and hadn't even thought about it, but then spur the moment we went and had an adventure. It made for a wonderful weekend.

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Jan said...

Loved the photo! Glad you enjoyed it; let's do it again next year!