Saturday, December 20, 2008

Won't you be my neighbor

Another neighbor is moving. That is one of the worst parts about apartment complexes, people never stay long and every month change happens. I hate change (as if you haven't already figured this out by now).
I am such a stalker. I feel sad when my neighbors move - and most of the time I've never even talked with them, except maybe the occasional hello. I use to have a favorite neighborhood family. They lived across from us and were outside a lot (so it wasn't exactly stalking, more like daily observing). They were pretty cute. It was a single mom and her three young kids. The kids were so sweet and playful. Two boys and a girl. I was attached. When they moved, all my roommates wondered how I'd take it. Since then, I haven't been getting so attached or obsessive, but I still hate seeing people leave. You just never know who is going to move in next, which can be scary because you just can't escape your neighbors, ya know?
Whenever a neighbor moves I always wonder where they are going and why they are leaving. I wonder if they'll be happier where they move to, or if they are running away from where their at.
I don't know...I just thing too much...about everything...and everyone (like you don't know that by now also).

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