Thursday, December 18, 2008

Obama's purpose driven life?

Okay, so I know some of you are tired of Obama, and I realize that after my last post complaining about Obama being mentioned so often it seems a bit hypocritical to be writing about him AGAIN, but I like to stay on top of cultural happenings, so here are my political musings for today...
Today it was announced that Obama asked Saddleback pastor Rick Warren to give his invocation at his inauguration. I think this is sort of good news, especially because Obama is defending his decision despite the fact that the GLTB community is criticizing him. This is a good sign for the next four years. This gives me some confidence that my Christian freedom will be upheld and kept intact during Obama's term. I hope.
I hope that in two years I can say what Obama hopes I will say, "two years from now, I want the American people to be able to say, 'Government's not perfect; there are some things Obama does that get on my nerves. But you know what? I feel like the government's working for me. I feel like it's accountable. I feel like it's transparent. I feel that I am well informed about what government actions are being taken. I feel that this is a President and an Administration that admits when it makes mistakes and adapts itself to new information, that believes in making decisions based on facts and on science as opposed to what is politically expedient."
This decision reflects the Obama that I supported at the beginning of his run for the primary. It reflects the man who spoke at the 2004 Democratic convention when I was in awe that a man could be so poetic and smart and motivational and moderate. His 2004 speech was probably the first moment I realized I may become a democrat, or at least think of admitting to being a moderate. That speech made me want to vote for him if he ever ran for President.
So, all that to say, I pray that Obama will be a good and balanced President who not only considers, but respects, and defends (at least some of) the values of the right.
Okay, enough political word vomit for awhile...promise. But hey, posts like this are why I made a blog in the first place.

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