Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A New York state of mind

I have been missing New York this week. I am watching the Rockefeller Center lighting of the tree on NBC right now. When I was in New York people were setting up the center for this exact event. People were moving tables at the Rockefeller Café and freezing the ground for the ice skating rink. When we were there we thought about this TV special and got excited that we were at the exact place we would soon seen on TV, and tonight I am seeing it and remembering that.
I miss the City. I miss the lights. I miss leaving one big building full of people to walk on a street full of people surrounded by big buildings. I miss that wherever you walk there is something to do or some place to go in and when there is not all you have to do is sit on a bench and people-watch for hours. I miss being in a hotel room on a very high floor and watching people in their offices coming and going and wondering about their lives. I miss wearing scarves and avoiding taxi cabs and looking in store windows. I really miss Central Park, how quiet and peaceful and lovely it is and how every type of person – tourists and locals alike – goes there. I miss looking at The Plaza. I miss The Frick. I miss walking everywhere as my main mode of transportation.
Obviously, there are things I don’t miss. I don’t miss how awfully rude New Yorkers are, especially to obvious tourists. I don’t miss empty streets or overcrowded streets. I don’t miss trusting cab drivers. I don’t miss how expensive the City is. But I miss everything else.
I love New York.

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Nicole said...

ummmm...let's go to new york together. asap.
or maybe we should get jobs first so we can afford a nice hotel...
but hey, i know of a good hostel for $35 a night!