Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas time is here

I am home for the holidays and very happy to be. Sometimes my life is so picturesque, like when we have family dinner, quote movies, sing, cuddle, and meet for lunch in the middle of the day. Other times, we are not so picturesque, but that's what makes us family. And I love it. I love to be home. Love my dog, my family, the Christmas tree, the Christmas lights, breakfast already provided when I wake up, a bathroom that doesn't have mold on the ceiling, and the familiarity of driving around town.
Last night was great. My friends and I got together for a game night and I had a lot of fun! We laughed and caught up and it was really great to see everyone again. It seems like forever since I last saw almost everyone from last night. Uno was the most fun. I love that game! A whole other side of me comes out and it can be hilarious (and sometimes scary!).
Today I woke up singing Christmas carols in bed with my sister and laughed. You know it will be a good day when you wake up laughing! We're having Christmas at the house tomorrow with my Dad's whole side of the family, so today we are cleaning and cooking and wrapping presents. My mom mentioned all this in her blog as well!
Tonight we are going to the Helton's for our traditional "family" Christmas Eve. Ash and I plan to look at the "I Spy" Christmas book tonight before bed and we usually convince my parents to let us open one Christmas gift before bed as well. Ash and I try to open each other's presents on this night. I have one for her but the other one has yet to be delivered...oh well, something to look forward to, right?
I keep thinking about how we wouldn't even celebrate Christmas is it weren't for Jesus' birth. I have to remind myself that that is what this season is truly about. That the Lord sent his son, Jesus, to be born as a baby and live a perfect human life to show us all that we can model the life of Jesus and that He too felt the same pressures we do. God blessed us with Jesus, even though He had to die for our sins as a perfect man, so that we may have eternal life in Heaven if we believe in Him. This is true love. This is why tomorrow is such a special day. (Sorry for the sermon, but with tonight's Christmas Eve service rained out and canceled, I had to give my own self a sermon, and therefore, my blog).
God bless and Merry Christmas!

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