Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Article rundown and a case of bad rhymes

Something about the cold makes me want to read. I love to read blogs that recommend fun articles or blog posts they’ve enjoyed lately, so, here is a list of articles that I’ve been interested in lately:
Too much Obama is causing me personal drama,
Enough ASB President, do you have to be Prom King too?
He’s like that popular boy at school,
Or an over played song on the radio.
He’s impressive, but we have to hear his name for the next four years,
Let’s pace our selves Time and Barbara!
At least Time also mentioned Sarah Palin, Dara Torres, and Michael Phelps as impactful people of the year.
The end of the year means remembering those passed.
Heath Ledger, Paul Newman, and Tim Russet
Were known as class acts.
Why is it when one is gone their words seem so profound,
Their lives so full of meaning?
An article about tracking rats in New York made me laugh.
This rat map will come in handy when I go back.
This rhyming was inspired by a great year end poem from The New Yorker.
If you want to erase that picture of the rat from the above article,
Read this hilarious piece of humor from The New Yorker as well.

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