Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To Rocking Chairs

Sorry it has been almost a week since my last update! Sorry to admit, but this will probably be the case next week because of Thanksgiving and all the fun stuff I have planned for the weekend, and then I have class on Monday. I know it’s all a bit crazy…
Anyway, this is my post about one of the most wonderful weddings I have ever been to! My good friend Blake got married last Saturday and it was so beautiful. I am glad I was able to witness it. Above our pictures of Blake and I with our AC group (how we met) and one of them at the wedding. Here are beautiful pictures by Jasmine Star of their wedding and engagement.
The wedding was incredible because they are so in love and so meant to be together. They are a beautiful couple, and it felt so special because I saw them fall in love. I knew Blake as he was falling for Brittany and pursuing Brit and now they are married. I mean, I called Blake the day of his first date with Brittany and heard all about his plan and then the day after (I think) he came over to my apartment and told my roomies and I all about it! He is like my brother and I am so happy for him. Brit is one very lucky girl!
The wedding was very classy and fun. You could tell that the Lord was the center of the whole thing. The Lord, and their family and friends. They actually recorded special messages about each person in their bridal party that they played as each couple walked down the aisle. It was so kind and a great idea. Weddings are supposed to be about everyone, not just a show about the bride and groom, and that recording definitely reminded me of that! The reception was beautiful too and I got to meet Jasmine Star and her husband JD. They were so sweet and genuine! They are even nicer and friendlier then they already seem on her blog! It was great to meet them. Plus, I was able to see some other friends at the wedding, mostly my friends from Alpha, which was great. All in all it was a good time and a beautiful wedding. My prayer for the happy couple is that their wedding day is the saddest day of their lives, because that means everyday together will be even happier than their wedding day (if that is possible).

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Jasmine said...

It was nice meeting you too, Carrie! :)