Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend

It was good. I was SO thankful that my mom made Thanksgiving the Remix on Friday. I love her Thanksgiving cooking! It was delicious. She even gave me some broccoli casserole to take back to my apartment. Thanks, Mom!
The weekend was full of food and family and Christmas decorations and movies. It was nice to be home. I really, really miss living in San Diego. I kept asking myself why I am still in LA after five years. I still plan on moving back eventually. Hopefully after grad school, but we’ll see what happens. I’ll see what God has in store.
Anyway, I am very glad it is officially Christmas time! I love this season. I love the Christmas commercials and the store decorations and the chill in the air and the houses with Christmas lights. I love Christmas movies too, which I watch all year round, but they have more magic at Christmas time. The top two are “White Christmas” (which I watched twice this weekend) and “The Family Stone.” You have to see them both! You will be better for it. Okay, maybe not, but still…
Speaking of TV, as lame as this sounds, I watched the “TRL” Finale show over the weekend (thanks for taping it, Ash!). It was great. I had so many flashbacks to junior high and high school memories of school conversations about bands and music videos and watching TRL after school on days we knew a celebrity would be on. It was very nostalgic and fun. Plus, this weekend I watched the 4th season premier of “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” I love this show! Lame, I know, and kind of embarrassing, but I love it. For everyone who knows I don’t like typical comedy, this show is my version of comedy. It’s great.
My mom and I went to the movies today and saw “Australia” which was really good. It is epic and romantic and suspenseful and involves war scenes and spears. If you still aren’t convinced you should see it, I have two words for you: Hugh Jackman. Trust me; I don’t need to say more. People Magazine was right.
P.S. I have also decided that if I can’t find a job in April I am going to be a cocktail waitress at The Palms in Las Vegas. Both Michael Phelps and George Clooney have dated cocktail waitresses from The Palms and I intend to date a celebrity too.

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