Sunday, November 2, 2008

The terrible, horrible, no good very bad...week.

It has been a really, really rough week. I am emotionally empty. My own thoughts are making me crazy. Plus, stress other than my own thoughts participated in a tough week. I worked overtime this week, had a performance review at work, had my last class, rushed through all my homework for my class, celebrated my roommate getting a job and not having to move out, had to deal with money stress, and had to cope with Halloween, because I HATE Halloween, so that alone would have made this week tough. Needless to say, I am praying that this week is better because even today was hard. This week I will be seeing friends and doing some other proactive things to help my emotional (and mental) well-being. But, it is very important to look at one’s blessings when things feel like they are spinning out of control and you can no longer fix it. So, this past week I was blessed because:
~ my family is always there for me, helping me when I need it, no questions asked.
~ Ilise got a job and doesn’t have to move!
~ I have the world’s most incredible supervisor who loves the Lord in such an obvious way and was a great source of prayer and encouragement for me when I lost it in her office on Wednesday.
~ I am starting a new class next week with a few of my favorite people from my last class who I thought I wouldn’t be able to be in class with again.
~ I was vulnerable with my roommates and they were completely there for me.
~ I was reminded that the Lord will never let me go, even when I am scared and far away, and that when I draw near to Him, He draws near to me.
Consider all your blessings when life seems to be running you into the ground. And remember that the Lord can handle ANYTHING you throw at Him.


jamie said...

awww baby i'm so sorry this week has been so horrible. but i'm really blessed that we got to see each other. you are a gift to my life.

p.s. your blog really should include links to your friends blogs..(me & amy to name a few!) love you bunches.

Nicole said...

you are wonderful. hope to see you soon! love!