Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Only the Lord can "change"

Thank you for your prayers and comments (both personally and on this blog) about my tough week. I am still struggling emotionally and mentally and trying to be strong spiritually, but I have faith in the Lord my protector and the lover of my soul. I also have encouragement in the people close to me and a new, bigger, sense of family. Trials remind you that the Lord is strong and forgiving and trials show you who loves you in a very real, God sent, way. For all of this I am thankful, even though I am fighting back tears as I write this.


In other news, it was just announced that Obama is the 44th President. I’m not even sure what to say. There are things that excite me about this and things that make me scared, especially as a Christian. Politics is a dirty and complicated business and I pray that the Lord is the true “change” in DC over the next four years. It will be nice to see two cute little girls grow up in the White House. Obama being the President will also (hopefully) change and improve race relations in this country. Women will also have more rights in the next government, of which I am obviously a big fan. But, Christians and Christian ideals may be more persecuted and innocent babies will be killed in larger and more legal numbers.
The beauty of today is that everyone who voted had something in common. A common right, a common energy, a common purpose. That is a beautiful thing. Today is a day for the history books in a very big way. Despite politics, you ca say that you were alive when a black man became President of the United States. But, I have to ask myself, what happened to the votes of the west? McCain’s speech was less than 30 minutes after CA polls stopped voting. I’d at least like to think that the West’s votes count for something. At least voting in CA was not a complete waste considering the importance of Prop 8 (which ever way you vote). But, the fact that we can vote is a very incredible thing. And, as my pastor, my mom, and my boss have all reminded me, no matter who won, God is still in control. Lord, be with us.

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jamie said...

i feel that finally, young people feel heard, invited and involved in our own futures. and that is a beautiful thing. despite debates, wins & defeats. it is exciting to be here now.

i really appreciate this simple, heartfelt, mature post. you are great.