Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Man of my dreams?

Is it weird that two nights ago I dreamed about this man? He is Obama’s newly chosen Chief of Staff. I guess it happened because I have been trying to read all I can about him. Not sure why exactly, except to say that I find him interesting.
I first read about him in Newsweek during the primaries and thought he sounded intimidating and mean, but he was also described as a family man and a loyal friend, so that perked my interest. Then, last week, I read another Newsweek article and a New Yorker article and a piece in the New York Times all about him. He is so well known and distinctive in DC that there was even a character modeled after him in “The West Wing.” In fact, his brother is a Hollywood agent and has a character from “Entourage” based on him. Emmanuel worked in the Clinton administration. He can be angry and persuasive and aggressive. He is known as a man who gets things done in DC. Liberals have been quoted saying they are surprised by Obama’s pick because Emmanuel is very “pro-Israel.” This same statement makes some conservatives a bit relieved about Obama’s politics. Emmanuel also studied ballet and was offered a full ride to do so, plus, he lost half his middle finger in an accident in high school.
I don’t know. I am just so into politics lately, which isn’t really new, but it has been more of my focus lately. And part of that focus has been on reading about Emmanuel, so I am guessing that is why he was in my dream. But it is weird right?
I dreamed about Justin Timberlake once and have to admit, that dream was much more enjoyable!

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