Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I love country music!

In the past, I sometimes hid this fact because some people don’t consider country music the kind of music that talented and smart musicians are fans of, and, as a singer, I didn’t want to be judged. But I am over that now. This is me publicly and unapologetically admitting that I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC! Now go watch the CMA’s.
Country musicians are legitimately talented, there is no doubt. It just has a bad reputation for being that “old sounding, whining music about your dead dog, the end of a relationship, drinking, and America.” But it is so much more than that, just as all other kinds of music. If you don’t believe me, watch the opening song of the CMA’s tonight. It was a duet between Brad Paisley and Keith Urban for the song “Start a Band.” They are incredible on the guitar! It was great. Plus, it got me thinking…Brad and Keith have a lot in common because they are both talented “country boys” who married Hollywood beauties who seemed an odd match and out of their league, but so far it seems to have worked out. Too bad Kenny Chesney and Renee Zellweger can’t say the same. The beautiful Reese Witherspoon was also in the audience at the CMA’s, and as much as I like her and Jake Gyllenhaal together, maybe she should get her own “country boy” and join the club. :) I love to match-make celebrities.
If you are watching the CMA’s here are some names to pay attention too:
Brad Paisley
Carrie Underwood
Kenny Chesney
Keith Urban
Martina McBride
Miranda Lambert
Taylor Swift

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Jan said...

What?!? No Vince??? Quel disappointment.