Thursday, November 20, 2008

I could...just admit that this post has no point or purpose!

I want to write tonight, but I don’t know what about. I want to be profound and poetic, but have writers’ block.
I could tell you about my day. I could tell you about my really, really crappy yesterday. I could tell you that I love grad school but hate homework. I could tell you I am nervous about the wedding I am going to on Saturday for a variety of reasons. I could tell you that I hate that it is 90 degrees at the end of November. I could tell you how crazy I think it is that it actually is the end of November and a week away from Thanksgiving.
I could write about how I am watching “Grey’s Anatomy” right now and am glad the show is finally starting to get good, like it used to be. I could mention that McSteamy couldn’t be any cuter than he is in this episode because he is so gentle with the little girl in tonight’s episode. I could mention that I am glad Denny is back even if I don’t understand how or why. I could mention that Izzy is at her best as a character and an actress when Denny is around and she portrays the feeling that one is going crazy in a very believable way. I could also mention that I really like Lexie.
I could tell you about the articles I have read recently and the lovely blog posts. I could tell you about the single woman Thanksgiving article, the funny top 20 choosing a spouse advice article, the great interview about Stephanie Nielson’s house from another blog author I like, the blog post about the sad economy and what someone thinks it means for a person in their 20s and how nervous I am about all of that.
I could also mention that my roommates are amazing, my family supportive, my brain my worst enemy right now, schooling the best part of my week, and boredom the most annoying.
That is all for tonight. Forgive the ramble. Forgive the honesty. Forgive me. But know that I am fine and enjoying the fact that I have a blog where I can rant. :)
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jamie said...

thanks for being honest.

i like random.

gives us all freedom to be random. which we are.

jamie said...

i have another treat for you.

a petergeorgekent poetry project of cut up texts.